MarkahVida was founded on the importance of living life successfully, as defined by each unique individual…of living your unique life brand. We know that true fulfillment can only be achieved when we are the ones that set the definition.

Markah translates to ‘Brand’    |    Vida translates to ‘Life’

MarkahVida is your Life Brand with a little “ah” in it…

MarkahVida was founded on the importance of living life successfully, as defined by each unique individual…of living your unique life brand. We know that true fulfillment can only be achieved when we each set our own definition, living authentically with intention.


Markah translates to ‘Brand’ and Vida translates to ‘Life’: MarkahVida = life brand. Our commitment to helping you define and live your life brand is written all over our name.

My Gift To You: Limited Time Free Access To My Easy To Use Daily Journal Prompt App.


Bookend your day with intention and reflection. Leverage the science of your brain to give it the directions it needs to create intentional results in your day.

Awaken The Magic Within.

Get un-stuck and create powerful momentum with intention. Ignite Your Personal Power.

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

Personal Breakthrough Coaching

Become the creator of your life. Identify what you want, don’t want, identifying patterns that are holding you back. Create new beliefs, strategies & habits so you can set goals and achieve success with confidence, clarity and enthusiasm.

Rebekah Hogan

I am a compassionate and intuitive soul, passionately providing a safe space for people to connect with their authenticity and purpose, living fulfilling lives.

I am committed to educating and inspiring others to be the light in the world that they want to see, creating the life they desire.

Together we will normalize compassion and authenticity as we pursue fulfilling and intentional lives.

Together, we will create a world full of possibility, love and magic!

Rebekah Hogan


Soul Purposefull

Build the foundations for personal freedom, success and fulfillment by aligning to the greater meaning and purpose of your life, through uncovering your Values, Purpose and Mission

Awaken & Ignite

A mentor program for self-mastery. Learn to master the language of our mind and how to model excellence. Awaken your magic within and Ignite your personal power so that you can create a legacy of Impact, Possibility and Positivity

Create The Life You CRAVE

Master your internal and external communication, gain new perspectives and design strategies to create a life of balance, authenticity and meaning where you can focus on your goals and what's important to you

``Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.`` ~ Maya Angelou

Join me 6:30 on Monday evening @crystalcantina to discuss energy, specifically tools that we can all use to protect it. How we can build our energy up and how we can be more resilient and maintain our energy even if we are in the room with people that are negative. I want to give you tools that will allow you to stay in the room. It is when we can stay in the room that we can be the example and can help elevate other people’s energy. Join me at Crystal Cantina in Mineral City Building B room 13 at 6:30 and I will share these tools with you.

DM if you are interested - space is limited!

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Calling all of my fellow book lovers! I am giving away 2 copies of this month's recommended reading: The Biology of Belief. I had the opportunity to attend the Consciousness Conference last week where the author, Dr. Bruce Lipton, spoke and contributed to my own ah-ha moment. I wanted to share the gift of this book with you to start the new year with the best and most powerful beliefs about your identity, to achieve your goals and dreams.

To enter, follow these easy steps:
1. Share your intention word for the year 
2. Tag a fellow book loving friend (each tag is 1 entry).

****Bonus Entry: DM your email or click the link and let us know who you are.

✨Good luck✨ Winner will be announced February 3rd.

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There is a saying that says: wherever you go, there you are.

I think this is important to remember as we look at wanting to make change in our life. The change is successful, not when we change who we are, but when we change our beliefs, how we view ourselves and how we view life.

If you find the idea of implementing change overwhelming, difficult, or you just want to ensure you are effective in your goals, let's help you create this change at the unconscious level so your mind can work for you, even when you are too tired to think about it.

Schedule a discovery call via the link in my bio to start on a path to getting grounded and setting yourself up for success or send me a DM. Let's talk!

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Somewhere along the way, in my care for others, I forgot to care for myself and my dreams. I started supporting others around me, or the dreams that other people had for me…I realized that I had become “A People Pleaser.”

This was the beginning of my Mid-Life Awakening...

Are you living your true story?

13 2

The real conversation is not about goals in this new year. The real conversation is about the purpose that you feel in your life. The contribution you feel that you are making in society and your level of fulfillment on a daily basis. Our ability to live within our daily purpose is where we find fulfillment. How are you showing up in your daily interactions with people? Let’s talk. ...

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What Identity do you need to choose, that will allow you to draw on your internal resources, achieving a state that will allow you to reach your goals?

The most common reason people do not achieve change:
1. Lack of belief that they are capable of it
2. The goal is not theirs, it is for someone else
3. Lack of setting clear goals and not preparing properly for success

Whether you start today, tomorrow, next week or next month, give yourself grace. When you are ready, ensure you have a formula that will work to achieve your goals.

Download the intention guide via the link in my bio to walk through this process and create your identity statement to set yourself up for success.

Remember, slow and steady is more sustainable and ultimately wins.

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Every day is a new beginning and we can begin right where we are, when we are ready. There are some key, critical components to making change in our lives successfully and giving ourselves permission to enjoy the journey as we work towards goals. This may take a few moments to prepare and get our minds in the right place so that we set ourselves up for success, rather than failure in the first week or month.

Discover the top 3 reasons people do not achieve change and unlock your key to success in the New Year whether you choose to start today, next week or next month. I encourage and invite you to give yourself some grace...take the time to set yourself up for 2023.

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I am so excited to share I have been featured in the newly released WOW Life: Le Magazine Féminin Issue 7 where I share an article that empowers women to RISE in Your Purpose in 2023.

If you know me, you know this subject is dear to my heart. I believe that in order to achieve the highest level of happiness, we must be living in our purpose. We must connect to our authenticity and love ourselves to achieve this. And it is when we do this, that we can then truly love others, which is the largest contribution we can make to society and humanity. I am honored to be included in this edition of WOW. To read the complete article and issue visit the link in bio✨

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I want to help you change your perspective so you can fall in love with your life, so you can look forward to waking up in the morning, and so you can take the stuff off your list that you really don’t need to do. Start your path to changing your perspective and becoming the creator of your day. I invite you to give the app a try via the link in my bio✨ ...

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People start the new year with resolutions. My question is, what is different about you today that was not true yesterday? What has changed, what is a new belief you have about yourself that will allow you to stick to and achieve your goals? When we change how we view ourselves, we change our identity, which trickles down to our beliefs of what we are capable of, and trickles down to our behavior and ultimately it is our behavior that will achieve results. When we try to change our behavior with the same old beliefs about ourselves and what we are capable of, it makes it so much more difficult to change our behavior. What do you need to believe about yourself, to allow you to achieve your dreams and goals? ...

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Why Identity? What we identify with creates our beliefs. Our belief in ourselves, our abilities, and who we are is what we need to start something new, to follow a dream, to reach towards new goals and create new habits.

When we look at our goals and dreams, we need to ask ourselves, what is the identity of the person that can achieve this? We need to embrace this identity and let go of any old identities or beliefs that conflict with this.

What do you need to believe about yourself today that will allow you to reach your goals and dreams?

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January is here, and with that comes a new year with new possibilities but also the overwhelm to jump right into things after the busiest season. Instead- let's take a moment to reset.
Getting grounded in our identity first will help guide us in our new year journey.

Noun : the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

15 1

What are you looking forward to in 2023? ...

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Why January 1st are we conditioned to set ourselves up for failure with this concept? Think about it: We come out of the most financially stressful, emotionally and physically draining part of our year and we literally expect that we will have the energy to successfully implement change. Let's be honest, when we have a difficult day at work, we can't even figure out a simple thing like what to have for in the world do we expect ourselves to be successful with a Jan 1 implementation? There is a reason we don't do software conversions on Monday or Friday: We need to get the week started off correctly and if we do it at the end of the week, there may be no support available or worse, we will put it off or rush it and mess it up because so many other "priorities" have come up in between. ...

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Changing thoughts and patterns at the conscious level, takes time and consistency. My favorite tool I have found, is an app to help set daily intentions and bookend my days. It has become a ritual of sorts, replacing other, not so positive habits, like surfing social media. I look forward to checking in with myself before I start each day, as well as setting my intentions for sleep each night. I invite you to download the app and start bookending your days for a powerful intention setting tool.

Ditch your to-do list and do more of what matters to you. Using this tool will help you learn how to focus your mind and not get lost in daily demands so that you can start getting better sleep at night and look forward to waking up each day. Be the creator of your day and give the app a try via the link in my bio.

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When I sit down at the pottery wheel, it is such an act of grace. It is an exercise in letting go of expectations and being comfortable with the fact that we can start with one thing in mind, and it may indeed turn into something completely different. Unique and beautiful in it's own way, but perhaps not what we initially set out to create...and still, just as good, or maybe even better.

Where have you set out to achieve one thing, and allowed for the natural metamorphous into something completely different? How did you feel about the end result? How do exercise grace?

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5 steps to giving others more grace this holiday season with the CLEAR method:
Compassion. Is the person doing this because they are asking for love or is this an act of love?
Lens. What lens are we looking at this from? Can we see it from a different perspective?
Explore. Explore the emotions. How does this make me feel?
Acknowledge + Assign. What does this mean to me? What does it mean about me?
Release. Is it really true? Will it matter in 5 days, 5 weeks or even 5 years? Is there a way I can reframe this that will allow me to let it go?
Prehaps, recognizing that it’s an act of love or it’s asking for love, looking at it through a different lens, or recognizing that you’re just giving it meaning that isn’t really there. Through this, we can just release it.

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Latest News.

  • It is important to acknowledge the small things we do for ourselves. Sometimes not doing the things we 'should' is actually a way of honoring ourselves and giving ourselves grace. When you don't have the energy, you need your space or whatever the reason that you just aren't feeling it, when you decide not to the thing

  • When we focus our energy on the goal and having gratitude for what is already working, opportunities arise in ways we could never imagine, let alone 'plan' for.

  • When you are feeling stuck and all the voices are in the way: stop, and ask yourself how much those voices have helped you up until now? What role did listening to those voices play in guiding you to your current situation? The one you aren't happy in?

  • Life is made up of a multitude of moments. In each moment, we have the opportunity to make a new decision.

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