Please Forgive Me: I Was Dimming The Light...

Have you ever looked at yourself and realized that you were dimming yourself? Making yourself smaller? This is a very common theme, especially in women. We are taught to not outshine others, to not take away someone else’s light. Yet, in doing this, we are dimming our own light. Eventually you feel like you’re not just out of sync, but completely disconnected from your true self, right? 

Well, I just realized I Have Been Dimming My Message, and for that, I ask you to please forgive me. 

The thing is, that I have been talking about self-mastery…living life in flow, with ease and abundance, but I have not been talking about two of the most important things you need in order to achieve a life you truly love: Self-Love & Self-Trust.

It's So Much Bigger Than That...

I did what many of us do when we decide to follow our passion. We sign up for all the courses that tell us how to sell our passion and make money doing it. That works on some level for many people. But there are some fundamental things that didn’t work for me, especially as I watched the struggle of other women on this same journey, trying to figure out how to make a living selling their passion. I watched amazing women that are strong and fierce search for their identity, clarity, confidence, courage…the need to move past scarcity and embrace abundance. 

Seeing this in so many ways, I realized that I HAD to start getting real, talking about the real issue…the elephant in the room. In reflecting on my personal mission: To normalize compassion, I had a huge realization that I want to share with you.

You see, I have known that we can’t normalize compassion without first normalizing self-love. My moment of clarity was recognizing that this is not something I can package, bottle, or even sell.

It’s so much bigger than that!

However, no matter how BIG it is, it IS something I can promote, bring awareness to, and guide you on this journey. I can provide tools and resources to release the baggage that is keeping you from seeing yourself for the amazing, beautiful soul you are. I can be the reflection that you see yourself through until you realize that it has been in you all along.

“Self-Love is NOT a Business…


~Rebekah Hogan

Can You Handle The Truth?

The truth is that I thought that if I called it what it was, that people would keep scrolling and miss the message. Have you heard that saying: “Sell them what they want, and give them what they need?”

Well: I’m done selling aspirin when I can help you release the pain altogether.

I realize that I was doing a disservice, perhaps even underestimating people, trying to meet  them where they are at.

At the end of the day, I think that we all know that at our core, we just want to feel good about ourselves. AND this is nothing anyone else can do for us…yet we keep looking for some sign outside of us to say we are enough, we are good enough, we are loved, worthy of love, worthy of abundance, worthy of just being.

We have been taught and conditioned to work really hard to get the approval and validation of others, instead of learning to love, accept, and trust ourselves. As children, we have actually been chastised for showing approval of ourselves..

It’s no wonder why life feels so hard…and the truth is that it will never be enough, no matter what goal we achieve, how many times we here praise from another…It will never be enough until we learn to love and embrace ourselves, trusting who we are and our intuition or inner knowing. It is then and only then, that we will get to a place of ease and flow. This is a prerequisite to self-mastery. Self-mastery without self-love, is just really good discipline, which doesn’t give you ease and flow.

Treating The Symptom Instead Of The Cause

So I am done selling solutions to the symptoms. Here are a short list of the most common “symptoms” that people seek coaching or resources for, that really stem from a lack of deep self-love and self-trust:

  1. Confidence
  2. Clarity
  3. Courage
  4. Abundance
  5. Decisiveness
  6. Balance
  7. Communication
  8. Inner Peace – Quieting the Inner Critic
  9. Self-Prioritization
  10. Resilience

Here are three easy, no, to low-cost tools you can use to begin your journey back to you:

1) Gratitude Focus: One of the quickest ways to shift your view of life is to shift your perspective. The 40-Day Gratitude Focus: Elevate Your Perspective, will help you release old stories that have kept you in a place of fear, blame, or regret, so that you can begin to love and trust yourself.


Cost: $39.00


2) Daily Bookends in the MarkahVida App: Download the free app today, and start rewiring your brain as you respond to simple journal prompts that focus in on self-awareness and celebration of self.

Cost: Free



3) Soul Powerfull Connections: Join us for online and future in person events, where we connect and embrace self-appreciation, self-love, and self-trust.

Cost: Free
Link: Register for Our Virtual Events

Immerse Yourself

Join us at the Soul Purposefull Retreat, for an intimate gathering of like minded women, seeking to find the alignment that only comes from a deep appreciation and connection to yourself. During the Soul Purposefull workshop at the retreat, you will be guided through a process of release and connection, so you can reset and realign to your highest self. 

Rebekah Hogan

Rebekah Hogan

Rebekah Hogan is the founder of MarkahVida, a coaching, education, and consulting firm based on the foundation of science and the communication of our minds. She works with executives and entrepreneurs to achieve self-mastery through connecting with and amplifying their authenticity, so that they can live with purpose and fulfillment.

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