Talent Optimization is Not Reserved for Large Companies

Effective Leadership Requires Effective Communication

One of the number one pieces of advice for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs is to surround yourself with people that are smarter than you...

When we hire or outsource, the goal is to hire people that are smarter than us at that task. However this is not the only objective we need to take into consideration. There are three key components that need to be looked at:

  • Their Natural Behavioral Skillset
  • How They Communicate
  • How We Communicate

These three points will allow us to ensure that we hiring the person with the right skillset AND adjusting and adapting our style so that we can utilize and leverage the capability of the person we are hiring.

You Do Not Want To Hire Another You...You Want Someone That Compliments You

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Do any of these sound familiar to you?

You are passionate about what you do and you feel like you get in your own way, constantly battling the critical voice in your head, imposter syndrome, or your need for perfection


You are the glue that holds everything together, you are great at what you do, everyone depends on you, and you have a hard time finding time to take care of yourself mentally, physically, & emotionally


You are a confident & successful leader. You want to take your leadership and communication skills to the next level so you can achieve your next level goals

These are three common reasons clients work with me. I understand that everyone is on their own journey and require different levels of support. Book a clarity call today to see the best method I can guide and support you so you can achieve your goals, releasing what isn’t working for you.


Let’s dive into this journey of self-mastery to go beyond mindset and leverage science to break free from old patterns, behaviors, and programs that no longer serve you, while you learn new tools and skills to support your success.

Ignite your personal power to create a life of ease, abundance, and fulfillment.

Private coaching looks different for each person, because we are all unique, which is absolutely awesome…and it means that I take a unique approach to each private client. Schedule a call today so we can discuss your goals and challenges, to see how I can best support you.


Join this three month immersive coaching and mentorship program to guide you on an exhilarating journey, expanding your perspective, unlocking your full potential. 

Through science-based strategies, you will awaken your authenticity and ignite your personal power, build resilience, and nurture personal growth.

**Next cohort starts November 1, 2023. Space is limited and being offered on a “Pay What You Can” basis exclusively for this cohort**

Soul Purposefull Retreat

This transformative retreat is designed to provide you with a clear vision, freedom, and a path to rediscover your own definition of accomplishment.

This immersive experience comes equipped with easy-to-use tools and an unwavering support system to guide you every step of the way, so that you can add meaning and purpose into your daily life.

June 6th – 9th  |  2024

Releasing Triggers from Traumatic Memories

Sit back and relax as you are guided through a calming session using psychosensory techniques to remove symptoms of trauma or phobias in as little as one session.

This process works due to the creation of slower brain waves that we call delta brain waves. These slower brain waves, through a guided process, will create a neuro-chemical response that will basically erase the encoding of the emotional content and triggers stored in the brain that had formed from the distressing memory and related triggers.

Master effective communication in leadership



We are all on different points on our path of self-mastery as leaders. The first best step is to become clear on where you are at now and explore where you want to go.




There are multiple entry points to this journey of self-mastery and effective communication, to allow for ease and flow based on your current life challenges and your vision of your future.



Experience the freedom and liberation as you embrace the power of effective communication. Stop flying blind, and let data help you move past old patterns so you can ignite your leadership skills.

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Talk about the problem their facing and how that problem is making them feel!

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