Routine & Our Unconscious Mind

It is so beneficial to create a morning and evening routine. There are key elements to both morning and evening routines that will set your days up for fulfillment and peace. Routines not only help us get into a flow, they help us create more intentional days, which let’s our unconscious mind do some heavy lifting for us, so we don’t have to.

The Unconscious Mind: Things to Know

  1. Our unconscious mind is behind the scenes making decisions for us and doing the processing. It is like our “operating system”, or our autopilot.
  2. The decisions it makes can show up in our emotions, the meaning we give situations and other people’s behavior.
  3. It makes these decisions based on our memories, values, and beliefs regardless of whether they are still serving us well.
  4. Our “operating system” was majorly installed between newborn and seven years old. So the memories are all stored and given meaning based on the operating system of our childhood. This means that our values and beliefs we operate from today may not serve who we have become or what we are trying to achieve today.
  5. It enjoys serving us and needs clear directions. Without clear directions it will make the decisions and give meaning for us based on the old operating system.


How Do Morning Routines Help?

Morning routines set the tone for your day. When we jump right into our day, we are bypassing the step of giving our unconscious mind directions, which means we will operate from a place of auto-pilot. This is where that quote from Einstein is relevant: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If we want different results, we have to get off of auto-pilot.

Since we know our unconscious mind enjoys serving, when we take the time to set our intention for the day, and tell it what to focus on, this is the first step in getting different results.

Master Your Routine

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How Do Evening Routines Help?

Since the unconscious mind is always working even when we are sleeping, and we know it likes to take direction, we can see that it is ideal to end our day by giving it directions too. At night, part of the work that is being done is moving around our memories, storing things into long term memory, giving meaning etc. which can validate our beliefs or perhaps work to change them…this is where with repetition we can actually rewrite the operating system by giving it directions as it relates to the meaning we give to the events of the day.

If we circle back to the previous posts about self-lovegrace, and the meaning we give emotions, we can see the importance of perhaps rewriting some of our old programs, so that we can operate from a state of ease and flow.  

The combined result of intentional morning and evening routines, can reprogram your operating system so that you get better results in your work, your relationships and more fulfillment from life

Making Your Routine Easy

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Imagine how much better your days will be with just a little more intention. Now imagine how much better they will be with not only intentional thoughts, but intentional beliefs!

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Rebekah Hogan

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