Reshaping Reality: How Redefining Personal Beliefs Enables Us to Prioritize Ourselves and Achieve Our Goals

In an era marked by rapid innovation, relentless competition, and an escalating thirst for entrepreneurial disruption, female founders are blazing trails and challenging norms in the business world. Yet, with these opportunities come significant challenges, often magnified by gender-specific obstacles that persist in our society.

The modern entrepreneurial landscape demands constant focus, relentless energy, and unwavering commitment. For many women at the helm of businesses, the line between work and personal life can become increasingly blurred, leading to a precarious balancing act of managing numerous roles simultaneously. The result? Being pulled in a multitude of directions, with time drains and mounting pressures taking a toll on their wellbeing.

Self-care, often mistakenly viewed as a luxury rather than a necessity, is a critical aspect that tends to fall by the wayside in the pursuit of business success. Yet, it is fundamental not only for personal health and happiness but also for sustaining the levels of energy, creativity, and resilience that leadership requires.

The time has come to break the cycle. It’s time for female founders to rewrite the narrative and redefine what success means by incorporating self-prioritization and resilience-building into their entrepreneurial journey. By re-evaluating the beliefs and values that drive their actions, and by embracing authentic self-expression, female entrepreneurs can begin to make more fulfilling and purposeful decisions in both their personal and professional lives.

Follow along as I illuminate these challenges and, more importantly, provide actionable strategies to help female founders navigate the dynamic, high-stakes world of entrepreneurship while maintaining their health, wellbeing, and personal satisfaction.

 Awareness Is Not Enough

Awareness that we need to take time and focus on ourselves is not enough. It can actually create more anxiety and stress, resulting in “shoulding” on ourselves when we are aware that we need to focus and nurture our self-care and we do not.  There is a perpetual cycle of deprioritizing ourself that can be broken when we embrace these three critical components of creating a new strategy for self-care.

  1. The energy drains, the pulls that take our attention and focus away from prioritizing ourselves comes from the meaning or significance we give things. This is normally an automatic reaction based on our beliefs & values.

  2. Many of us our operating on beliefs and values that are not genuinely ours. These are often beliefs and values we adopted as children to fit in and ensure our safety when we were completely dependent on others to keep us safe.

  3. We can create change at a level that is so much more effective than just changing our behavior, making it easy to prioritize ourselves and what is important to us, like our personal goals and dreams.

Mastering the Art of Self-Prioritization

In order to honor ourselves and Stop Putting Us Last there are three things we can do to create meaningful & purposeful actions that create fulfillment:

Resilience: This gives the space for the pause to DECIDE if we want to change the meaning that we are giving a situation so we can FEEL the way we want to. We also need a resilience practice so that we have the energy to deal with the day to day BS that stacks up and drains our energy, making it near impossible to make good decisions to take care of ourselves or honor our boundaries. 

Beliefs and Values: We will continue to get similar results in life and implementing any type of change will be fighting against a lifetime of conditioned behaviors until we change our beliefs and values.

Authentic Self-Expression: The fastest, most effective, and most permanent change will come from seeing yourself differently, creating a new identity. When we change how we see ourselves, we change how we see the world. We also automatically start changing our beliefs, values, skills & capabilities, and our behavior, in all environments. This is when change is easy.

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Rebekah Hogan

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