Stop Putting You Last

Thank you to everyone that signed up, showed up, and shared! 

This workshop was designed to provide you with the framework to stop deprioritizing yourself so that you can create a life of intention and fulfillment, prioritizing you well-being to thrive. 

We are adding the replay for each day, making these available for anyone that was unable to make the call or would like to revisit the content. 

It is a lot to digest, so we will make these recordings available for the next two weeks. Feel free to re-watch so that you get the most value out of our time together to create positive impact in your life! 

*Bonus: I am excited to share a special gift for everyone that attended all 5 days. If you were not able to make it, be sure to watch all 5 days of replays for your gift from me.

Watch The Replays

Watch the playback for Day 1 where we discuss the ways deprioritizing oneself can show up in our life and the effect it can have on our well-being. I will also introduce you to the CRAVE framework that will be the foundation of this weeks workshop. 

Watch The Replay Now!

Download Today’s Homework: Make Change Easy

Welcome to Day 2 where we dive into the communication of our mind, our unconscious mind vs. our conscious mind and what role both play in our daily lives. 

Watch The Replay Now!

Download Today’s Homework: Energizing Situations  Depleting Situations

Definitely watch this one again! In Day 3 we cover tools for resilience, why you need them and the power of the pause!

Watch The Replay Now!

Today’s Homework: Make a list of all the ways you “should” on yourself


Day 4: How outdated is your operating system? Watch as we dive into belief systems and the misalignment that causes the Shoulds. Learn why beliefs systems are sometimes just BS and why I will never tell you to “Stop Shoulding On Yourself.” 

Watch The Replay Now!

Today’s Homework: Review your “Shoulds” and see who they belong to (explanation in replay)

We are wrapping up here in Day 5, where we tie all of the pieces together to design your future plan for prioritizing your well-being & thriving by tapping into your highest self to start doing the work on alignment so you can start prioritizing yourself without the heavy lift. Watch the replay to see how everything changes when we change how we see ourselves.

Watch The Replay Now!

Today’s Work: Who is Your Highest Self?

Great news! Join me this Sunday, the 16th, at the same link and time for a bonus day. Ask me anything, as it won’t be recorded. Come as you are, no need for makeup. Let’s implement these insights into your life now!

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