Follow-Up Coaching – 6 Session Bundle


Follow-up coaching to support your growth and progress.

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You are not alone on this journey…

Follow-Up Coaching

Follow-up coaching is designed to build on the foundation that is created during an intensive coaching program. Upon completion of the intense work you have done, changing your mindset and beliefs, life will happen and things come at you that may feel unfamiliar, now that you know you don’t want to handle these the way you may have in the past.


Lasting change can take time and needs habitual reinforcement. We have created these packages to provide you support to further install and integrate the shift that you experienced. We are also here to help you with the practical application of the tools and resources that you have learned, helping you navigate how to use them in real life situations, as you face new and different challenges.



*This package is for six 45 minute sessions.

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