Rebekah Hogan.

My Story

I help successful leaders stop sacrificing their health and personal life in the pursuit of success and instead achieve self-mastery through authenticity, so that they can find personal fulfillment, while increasing their impact on the world.


I help you leverage science to create a life you CRAVE so you can look forward to waking up each day.


In a world where you can be anyone or anything you want to be, just be you.


I was born and raised in a small town in central California where people dream of getting out and most never do. I have lived in Beverly Hills, CA for over 10 years now.

I spent my first 20+ professional years working in male dominated industries, trying to prove myself. I took over my family business, as a single mom. I wore my overtime like a badge of honor…I was exhausted!


When I was forty-one and my kids were trying to choose their colleges, they were afraid of making the wrong choice because they had no clue what they wanted to be when they grew up.


I remember looking at my daughter and saying “Ha, I’m 41 and I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up.”



Somewhere along the way, in my care for others, I forgot to care for myself and my dreams. I started supporting others around me, or the dreams that other people had for me…I realized that I had become “A People Pleaser.”

This was what we may call the beginning of my mid-life awakening. It started as  a crisis, however, as I learned new tools and started allowing myself to take space and speak up for what I felt and what I wanted, I realized that this doesn’t have to be a crisis; I could turn this into an awakening, It doesn’t have to end all bad. This can go any direction I want…which lead to the big question: What do I want?!!!


Through this process, I have been able to lose 30+ pounds, overcome depression and dependencies, giving myself permission to live life with purpose and passion. I realized that I was going through life numb, in survival mode, trying to be what I thought everyone needed me to be.


This prompted my discovery of NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming, which helped me realize that I had complete control over my results and my reality. I was able to reshape my mindset, leverage the science of the mind to overcome limiting beliefs, let go of negative emotions and release judgement. I learned to embrace my passions, my uniqueness, my failures, or as I call them now: my learnings and I learned to love and respect myself, living my Life Brand.


Everything is possible when you realign yourself to your purpose. When you know with confidence why you wake up each morning, you will be able to say Yes with Enthusiasm and No with Purpose and Conviction.


Because every time you say yes to something that does not align with your purpose and your mission, you are dimming your light, muting yourself from being the person you are capable of becoming!


Having worked through all of this myself, I am at a point where I am in love with my life, living my soul purpose. I want to share this with you!


Foundations for Fulfillment: Lead With Your Why

An Intensive Workshop Retreat to Connect with Your Purpose

Tuesday June 14th – Wednesday June 16th 2022

Los Angeles , CA


Beth Sullivan-Jawitz

I HIGHLY recommend Rebekah Hogan with MarkahVida for personal and business coaching. Working with her was a life changing experience. I recently had the opportunity to do a very empowering breakthrough session with Rebekah. Her level of expertise, understanding, grace and compassion is unparalleled. Rebekah created a safe space for me to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I can’t say enough about her ability to guide me through the process and propel my life forward! The results were profound and immediate. I am already seeing incredible results in my personal life and business. If you want to shift your life and career to the next level connect with Rebekah Hogan. She is an absolutely amazing career and life coach.

Daniel Rubin

I had the pleasure of working with Rebekah Hogan last year. It was through one of our sessions I was able to see my true potential and made a life altering decision to change careers. Rebekah was very easy to work with and made me feel 100% comfortable as I talked about all my fears and concerns making such a big change. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, compassionate , and caring coach.

An emotion is not something we are, it is something we feel or are experiencing.

And we can change how we allow things to "make" us feel...

If you are dealing with a lot of stuff in your life that is triggering you and you want to have better responses and not be triggered by others, so that you feel more in control and can enjoy your life, you are not alone.

If you want to make a serious shift in how you respond to people and situations, DM me so we can discuss how you can achieve that through Personal Breakthrough Coaching.

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I invite you to change the narrative: you are not hurt, you feel hurt…you are not angry, you feel anger…

We are not our emotions. An emotion is not something we are, it is something we feel or are experiencing. Why is this distinction important? Because our unconscious mind takes direction and also wants to prove us right. So when we identify with something, our brain will find us evidence to prove us right, which means if we are hurt, or broken, we will see things from that perspective and we find more things that are hurtful to us.

Are your emotions running you down? DM me to learn more about how coaching can help.

9 3

The wisdom of a palm tree...

Do you know why palm trees bend? I had thought it was that they lean in the direction of the sun and as I thought more, that didn't make sense, because they don't all lean to the sun.

Palm trees actually lean into the direction the wind is blowing. This is how they survive hurricane strength winds. They don't resist. Instead they become flexible leaning into the wind, so they don't break from the pressure.

How can we apply this to our lives? When was a time that you leaned in to the discomfort and were stronger for it?

9 1

The main reason things upset us is because we are judging them and giving meaning to them. We are judging the person, their behavior, the situation...The fastest way to achieving inner peace is to be present or mindful in the moment, and release any judgement. See if rather than judging, you can just observe, without emotion.

If you have a hard time letting go of the judgement, you can try my 5 step CLEAR method:

Compassion: Is this person doing this as an act of love or asking for love?

Lens: What lens or perspective am I seeing this from? Can I see it from the other person’s perspective?

Explore: How does this make me feel?

Acknowledge: What does this mean to me or about me?

Release: How can I let it go? Can I give it a different meaning? Is it true? Does the fact that I know it is not true allow me to easily just let it go? Will it matter in 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, or even 5 years?

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“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.” - Victor Frankl

One of the morning prompts in the MarkahVida Daily Bookends, is “What are you dreading today?”

It is so important to address the elephant in the room, and more importantly, assign the meaning to it. Why is it important? Through the why, it will become bearable, and no longer carry the negative emotion we may harboring related to it. This process of identifying our feelings and aligning them to our values, allows us to be more intentional with our time and get more reward out of it.

Download the MarkahVida App today, get the dread out of your head and start living a more intentional life.

To hear more about question #3 and the science behind it, watch the full video via the link in bio.

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A friendly reminder✨

To live a life you crave, you do not have to become a new person. You just need to change your perspective and learn to make your mind work for you. Everything you need is within you.

Want to explore this a bit more? Schedule a discovery call with me.

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My wish for all women of the world:

My wish for you is that you feel supported to be yourself. That you shine bright, never dimming your light for or because of others. That you dream big, celebrate yourself and those around you. Surround yourself with people that bring out your best and celebrate with you.

I hope that you are fierce and courageous in following your passions, purpose, and dreams. Know that "no" is not the final answer, it is just feedback to change your approach, your ask, or who you are asking. Don't give up.

Courage, fierceness, and bravery are words that I hope you embrace with whatever flair you naturally add to them. This can be done in the most subtle and gentle way, or the loudest and outspoken. Whatever you do, do it for you and your dreams for the world, because I know that you have a vision and dream.

In a world where you can be anyone or anything; be yourself...and know that you are and always have been enough and you are never too much.


11 2

“The first step to changing your life, is to change your perception of yourself.” - Rebekah Hogan

We view life through the same lens of how we view ourselves. When we don’t know how to love ourselves or celebrate ourselves, when we don’t feel worthy at our deepest core, this shows up in our perspective of the world and other people in the world.

Download the MarkahVida App (link in bio) to start changing how you view yourself today.

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What is a surefire way to not be happy? Chasing happiness. ...

25 1

So, what is the key to happiness? In the simplest form it means letting go of judgement. When you let go of judgement of yourself and others you set yourself free. Free to be happy.
Now the question is- how do you train your brain to let go of this judgement? Let’s talk it through on a discovery call.

Schedule yours today via the link in bio.

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Do you feel like this when you walk in a room? Is imposter syndrome at the front of your mind? Next time, remember these words before you step into the room. ...

11 1

It always has been, and it always will be. It is about leveraging your brain to work for you and changing your perspective.

Begin the process to make your brain work for you with the MarkahVida app. The best 5 minutes you can spend in your day with the greatest long term reward.

Download the app via the link in my bio.

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Why do we call the MarkahVida app the daily bookends? ...

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Yes, it is possible to look forward to waking up in the morning! How you may ask? With your daily bookends.
The evening bookend is a moment to celebrate things that went well and acknowledge the ways you took care of yourself. It is also a tool to narrow your focus for tomorrow, prioritizing the most important things to get done, as well as the thing you are most looking forward to. In the evening bookend you will:
- Celebrate yourself: Acknowledge the ways you took care of yourself.
- Feed Your Soul: Reflect on your best moments and what you are looking forward to tomorrow. Always plan for joy and soul nutrition.
- Let tomorrow go: Get the dread and the list of to do’s out of your head so you can get a good nights sleep.

Get started on your journey by downloading the app via the link in bio.

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Set Yourself Free - Letting go of limiting beliefs.

We are our own jailers. When you know better, do better...

How can you begin setting yourself free? Let go of judgment and limiting beliefs. Start this process with just five minutes a day to check in with yourself through the MarkahVida app to create a perspective change over time and ultimately lead yourself down a path of freedom.

Download the app via link in bio.

16 2

I keep hearing this narrative that "change is hard." And I'm going to say, that it is as hard as you believe and want it to be. I will go a step further and say that we need to challenge ourselves and ask if that is true, or is this what we tell ourselves and use to continue to tolerate things in our life that we no longer want. Things we know we 'should' change, yet we don't because "change is hard."

My question to you is: What if it weren't hard? What would you change today if it was easy?

Take just 5 minutes to begin the journey to changing your perspective with the MarkahVida app. Download via the link in my bio.

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Join me as I walk through the app. This app will be the most important 5 minutes of your morning and evening, helping you to be more intentional in your days.
As you begin this journey, the questions may seem very simple, and you might not understand how they work together...and they are super powerful questions. These questions will continue to build off of one another the longer you engage with your app. Like building blocks. The key to this app: just getting started.

Visit the link in my bio to download the app.

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I have been working on something exciting and am thrilled to announce the launch of the MarkahVida app! In this app, you will learn to leverage the science of your brain to give it the directions it needs to create intentional results in your day.

Bookend Your Day With Intention & Reflection and Start Looking Forward To Waking Up in the morning.

Visit the link in my bio to download the app and stay tuned this week as we give you a tour and touch on the vast benefits this small time commitment will bring to your life.

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New Year's Resolutions and the amount of people that fall off or don't follow through with their resolutions, brings to mind Aesop's Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare...It is really about the belief in yourself, and the constant effort, rather than binge pushes to achieve the goal. The Hare is over confident and did not take the competition seriously.

As we look at goals and resolutions, perhaps our old habits are like the competition. If we think we can make a hard push and then rest, we will fall behind or fall victim to our old habits. Be the tortoise...take the time to plan, create the belief within yourself that you can achieve the goal, then keep up with micro-efforts: constantly, and eventually you will win.

Get grounded and confident in your identity statement to reset yourself for the new year or any day of the year with my guide via the link in my bio or DM me for a copy.

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