Rebekah Hogan.

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I help successful leaders stop sacrificing their health and personal life in the pursuit of success and instead achieve authenticity, through self-mastery, so that they can find personal fulfillment while increasing the impact of their legacy on the world and those they love.


I help you create a life you CRAVE so you can look forward to waking up each day.


In a world where you can be anyone or anything you want to be, just be you.


I was born and raised in a small town in central California where people dream of getting out and most never do. I have lived in Beverly Hills, CA for over 10 years now.

I spent my first 20+ professional years working in male dominated industries, trying to prove myself. I took over my family business, as a single mom. I wore my overtime like a badge of honor…I was exhausted!


When I was forty-one and my kids were trying to choose their colleges, they were afraid of making the wrong choice because they had no clue what they wanted to be when they grew up.


I remember looking at my daughter and saying “Ha, I’m 41 and I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up.”



Somewhere along the way, in my care for others, I forgot to care for myself and my dreams. I started supporting others around me, or the dreams that other people had for me…I realized that I had become “A People Pleaser.”

This was what we may call the beginning of my mid-life awakening. It started as  a crisis, however, as I learned new tools and started allowing myself to take space and speak up for what I felt and what I wanted, I realized that this doesn’t have to be a crisis; I could turn this into an awakening, It doesn’t have to end all bad. This can go any direction I want…which lead to the big question: What do I want?!!!


Through this process, I have been able to lose 30+ pounds, overcome depression and dependencies, giving myself permission to live life with purpose and passion. I realized that I was going through life numb, in survival mode, trying to be what I thought everyone needed me to be.


This prompted my discovery of NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming, which helped me realize that I had complete control over my results and my reality. I was able to reshape my mindset, leverage the science of the mind to overcome limiting beliefs, let go of negative emotions and release judgement. I learned to embrace my passions, my uniqueness, my failures, or as I call them now: my learnings and I learned to love and respect myself, living my Life Brand.


Everything is possible when you realign yourself to your purpose. When you know with confidence why you wake up each morning, you will be able to say Yes with Enthusiasm and No with Purpose and Conviction.


Because every time you say yes to something that does not align with your purpose and your mission, you are dimming your light, muting yourself from being the person you are capable of becoming!


Having worked through all of this myself, I am at a point where I am in love with my life, living my soul purpose. I want to share this with you!


Foundations for Fulfillment: Lead With Your Why

An Intensive Workshop Retreat to Connect with Your Purpose

Tuesday June 14th – Wednesday June 16th 2022

Los Angeles , CA


Beth Sullivan-Jawitz

I HIGHLY recommend Rebekah Hogan with MarkahVida for personal and business coaching. Working with her was a life changing experience. I recently had the opportunity to do a very empowering breakthrough session with Rebekah. Her level of expertise, understanding, grace and compassion is unparalleled. Rebekah created a safe space for me to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I can’t say enough about her ability to guide me through the process and propel my life forward! The results were profound and immediate. I am already seeing incredible results in my personal life and business. If you want to shift your life and career to the next level connect with Rebekah Hogan. She is an absolutely amazing career and life coach.

Daniel Rubin

I had the pleasure of working with Rebekah Hogan last year. It was through one of our sessions I was able to see my true potential and made a life altering decision to change careers. Rebekah was very easy to work with and made me feel 100% comfortable as I talked about all my fears and concerns making such a big change. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, compassionate , and caring coach.

I think it is very important to recognize that all great inventions and progress come from failure.

Failure is just the lack of results we anticipated or hoped for. The quicker and more frequently we fail, the faster we will achieve our goal.

From failure we can see what didn't work and we can try something new. A new approach, a new process, new ingredients, a new ordering, structure etc.

Failure is really just Feedback that helps guide the ship in the direction we want to go.


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Have you ever had a plan and you just knew that if the plan moved forward with no hiccups, you would succeed? And then life happens, as it will, and the plan falls apart...What now?

Todays Tip:
✨Form your goal as a SMART Goal
✨Focus on the goal and how it will feel when you achieve it
✨Be flexible and open to all opportunities

When we focus our energy on the goal and having gratitude for what is already working, opportunities arise in ways we could never imagine, let alone 'plan' for.

When we map out every detail of a plan, it will either: not go as planned, turning our goals on end, or even when going by the plan, other elements outside of our control jump in and get in the way. This happens when we are focused on the plan rather than the result. When we 'know' what needs to be done to achieve our goals, we end up losing sight of the goal because we are too focused on the tasks. We miss opportunities because it wasn't in the plan.

Be open and allow the opportunities to unfold
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This is not always easy, right? We get in our heads and make up all sorts of stories about why someone didn't respond to an email or didn't answer our text.

Things to remember:

1) No-one thinks about you as much as you do. Most likely, it has nothing to do with you.

2) If it 'is about you', IT STILL ISN'T ABOUT YOU! It is about the other person. People reject what they fear and what they don't want to face.

Sometimes without realizing it, we may remind someone of something in their life they aren't happy about, or they are insecure about. It is really their problem, not ours!

How do you deal with this? I'd love to hear...

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I was talking with a dear friend the yesterday that has been feeling stuck in life.

This is a story I think many of us have felt or are currently living...

After a series of questions and some serious vulnerability, she came to her truth that she has been mad at herself for some time now because she did not follow her dreams and is not living a life that is fulfilling to her. She is not passionate about what she does. She is going through the motions.

Fast forward to the end of our conversation and I asked her: "What is one small thing you can do today that will put you closer to your dreams?" and this beautiful, brilliant soul, stopped, she hesitated and in a slightly frustrated tone, said she didn't know. The answer seemed obvious to me, but it is not my place to give answers because they are my answers and she needed her own answer.

So I said: "If you were to know, and you do know, what would it be?"

She took in a breath and immediately had an answer.

When I asked her why she hesitated at first, she said it was because she was doubting herself and hearing all these limiting beleifs in her head. But the voices weren't hers. They were her parents, society, her family. All the voices she listened to up until now.

When you are feeling stuck and all the voices are in the way: stop, and ask yourself how much those voices have helped you up until now? What role did listening to those voices play in guiding you to your current situation? The one you aren't happy in?

We are all unique and what fulfills each of us is different. There is no one definition of success, happiness or fulfillment. There are infinite definitions and infinite paths: Follow Your Path.

Trust that your voice is the only one that knows how to make you happy and fulfilled.

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We cannot teach people lessons or generate change by exhibiting the same behavior or energy that we want to change.

Imagine driving down the freeway and you see someone driving erratically and it upsets you. You decide this person is an a$$hole and someone needs to let them know not to drive like that, so you honk at them to let them know to stop driving like that...

1) How do you know why they are driving like that? They could be racing to the emergency afraid they are about to lose a loved one...

2) Suppose they are stressed, angry etc.; do you really think honking at them will calm them down so they stop the behavior? Or perhaps could it make them worse?

3) How does it make you feel when you act back with the aggression of honking at them; 'telling them'?

The thing is that we don't know other people's stories and we don't know how they will react to our behavior, so what is the point? And honestly, horns are to prevent an immediate accident, not to tell someone to stop being an a$$hole.

Considering all of that with the reality that in 'telling them', we get worked up, angry, judgmental and act self-righteous, so what are we really giving back to the world; more anger?

If we want to change the world, people's seeming aggression, hate and anger, we can only do that with love and compassion...and it starts with ourselves.

In moments like the above, I choose not to get angry and self-righteous. Instead, I choose compassion and move out of the person's way, wishing them safety.

What will you choose today as we look at all of the challenges our world is facing? Will you be angry back or will you be an example and inspiration of compassion and love?

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To be positive, to feel joy must come from within. There is no external trigger that will give us a true sense of joy and positivity. In this, we can say it is a choice.

What we need to remember is that we have to allow ourselves to be present in the moment to make the choice to feel joy and to be positive. When we are stuck in the past or worried about the future, we are not present and this makes it difficult to choose to feel joy in the present moment.

When we encounter people that seem negative, we can give them grace and compassion, knowing it is not a conscious choice.

How do you remind yourself to be present, to choose joy?


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"As long as we define ourselves in terms of our pain and our problems, we will never be free from them." ~ Eckhart Tolle

Have you heard the saying 'You are what you think'? This saying is very real in the sense that our unconscious mind listens to what we say and think to ourselves and takes it as directions to prove us right.

When we recognize that our unconscious mind will prove us right in whatever we are thinking; good or bad, we can recognize the importance of thinking about and identifying ourselves with what we want and who we want to be.

When we identify with what we don't want and focus on the pain and problems we have, our unconscious mind will take this as direction to continue to prove us right. It will find ways to bring our attention to and continually remind us of these things we don't want.

So today, ask yourself instead: What do I want? and state it in the positive. Instead of saying: 'I don't want to be sick', say: 'I want to be healthy.'

What is it you want? Focus on that, knowing that everyday you focus on what you want, you are moving closer to it.

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Thrive (verb): prosper; flourish

Life is a journey. We have all heard this saying, but what does it really mean and how do we embrace this?

Sometimes we feel like it takes everything in us to get through today. Sometimes we focus on just getting past something...wishing the time passes quickly. How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say "I can't wait for this to be over..." or "Once I get past this..."?

When we focus on the end result only, we miss all of the lessons, small joys and growth that can be found in between. We are literally throwing away our time, which is limited and the one thing we will never be able to make more of or replace.

When we look at all of the studies of people's greatest regrets when they are faced with terminal illnesses, some of the top ones are that they wish they would have enjoyed life more, spent time with loved ones, not worked as much, followed their passion...

Even in accomplishing something important to us, if we are only focused on the goal, it is easy to miss the lessons, the small joys and the growth that is there to enjoy along the way.

How do you define thrive for you?

How are you growing?

What is your passion?

How are living this a little bit every day?

When we live passionately and nurture growth, it is then that we are embracing the journey. Life is not something to just get past. Life is to live!

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Do you ever find yourself planning on beginning something? Waiting for the right time to start? The beginning of the week...after that celebration coming up...after that vacation...after that promotion...when you get that car you want...when you lose those extra 10 pounds?

The thing is, there will always be something else keeping us from beginning unless we decide to begin right where we are. If we start today and in three days from now, we have a set back or something that comes up, we must remember, it was only for that moment.

Life is made up of a multitude of moments. In each moment, we have the opportunity to make a new decision. If a person falls down in the mud and gets dirty, they will not stop bathing or washing their clothes just because they got dirty in that moment...The decision we make in the last moment does not have to dictate the remainder of our decisions.

There is no "right" time to start anything. The "right time" IS when you decide to Start. It is when you choose to honor yourself and the change you desire and Start Doing.

As we enter the third week of the new year, I want to encourage anyone that wants to make change in your life; big or small: Start Now. Start Doing. Even if it is just a little bit. The law of motion dictates that once something is in motion, it takes an opposing force that is even stronger to stop the movement.

Whether you are reading this in January, or mid-summer, know that the time to Start is Now; Right Where You Are. If you have a misstep, if you get side tracked, that is okay. Give yourself grace.

Just get clear on what you want and remember that Every Moment is a Chance to Begin Again.

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Habit (noun): An acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary

Many people look at the New Year as a starting point; a clean break from the past, to start doing and being what they aspire towards.

Studies have shown that only 8-10% of people actually follow through with their New Year's Resolutions.

Is this because creating new behaviors and habits is hard? Does it have to be hard?

I do not believe that it has to be hard. And we need to remember, if we believe that it has to be hard or that it can be easy, it will be whatever we believe it will be. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, since our unconscious mind loves taking instructions and will prove us right.

Sometimes to figure out how to create a habit, we have to start with why we aren't doing it in the first place.

There are so many things we know we 'should' do, yet we don't.

If we start by identifying how we are NOT doing them, then we can recreate the strategy to figure out how to do them going forward. Once we replace our old strategy with the new one, we can easily form new habits, and the more we do them the easier they get, until it becomes nearly involuntary.

I am sooo looking forward to working with you on Becoming Limitless in 2022!

Let's Connect!

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Grace (noun): A disposition to kindness and compassion.

There are many forms of grace. Self-grace is one of the most freeing types of grace we can find. When we treat ourselves with kindness and compassion, rather than regret, judgement and shame, we can open ourselves to the lessons, and allow for growth and love.

When we give ourselves grace, it is so much easier to give to others. In this season of the year, with all of the challenges we have all faced over the pandemic, I invite everyone to find a little grace. It is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and others.

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We are intrinsically giving beings. When we look at children and how quickly they will give to others to alleviate pain or sadness, by offering their toys or blanket, or perhaps just a hug, we can see that this is a natural part of being human.

The act of giving releases a cocktail of feel good chemicals in our brain, like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. According to studies, the person doing the giving actually has a higher response of feel good chemicals in the brain than the person receiving.

When I was in elementary school, each holiday season my school had Santa's Gift Shop. Every year, my mom would give me $10 or $20 to buy gifts for my friends and family. I can still remember how excited I was to pick out a gift for each person. I would wait in anticipation to give them out. I can still recall the excitement and sheer joy I would feel leading up to the moment the person opened the gift. It feels good to do nice things for others.

Can you remember a time that you felt so good doing something for someone else?

When we are feeling down, rather than resorting to retail therapy, which we may regret if our budget won't really support it, maybe we should try thinking of others instead. We can choose to do something nice for someone else. That is a sure fire way to feel better and it doesn't need to cost a thing!

What are ways you do nice things for others that won't break the bank? Please share your ideas.

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