Is This Your Story?.

If it is, I know you will feel what I am saying deep in your soul.

You love to make people smile. You love the feeling of helping others. You love making stuff happen! You love that people know they can count on you. And you do things with all of your energy, almost to a point of perfectionism.


The thing is, that since childhood, you have been a passionate person with a compassionate heart. You have always cared about helping people. And you probably had some amazing dream of who you were going to be when you grew up and how you would impact the world, right? Raise your hand if this is you!!! Yep – me too!

My Question For You Today: Are you doing it? Are you living that dream today?


If you are anything like me, especially where I was a few years ago, that question is painful, right? Because the answer is no. At least not the way you dreamt it, and not with the impact you had imagined…


Somewhere along the way, in our care for others, we forgot to care for ourselves and our dreams. We started supporting others around us, or the dreams that other people had for us…We became “People Pleasers”

Sound familiar…Is this you?



This was me at 40. I had ALL the Things! The house, the cars, the purses, the shoes, the dinners out, the sexy husband, beautiful, smart, kind children…And I was not Happy. I had no clue what happiness was. Everyday I was trying to do as much as I could for everyone, ignoring my wants or needs, not taking care of myself, numbing my emotions with alcohol, just to get through the day, just to do it over again tomorrow…I was in the worst health of my life, I had a hard time getting out of bed everyday and I didn’t like who I had become.

Your story today might not be as dire as mine was and I hope for your sake that it never is. If any of this sounds familiar to you, you can make the decision to change your path today. You don’t have to wait until you are ready to run away from your entire life like I was. You can choose happiness and fulfillment today. As I work with women to find fulfillment, I’ve had so many women ask or say to me:


“When will I be able to stop caring so much?”


“My marriage or career will fall apart if I say no…if I start doing things for me…if I do less…if I follow my passion”


“Everyone counts on me…wouldn’t it be selfish of me to put my needs first?”


“How do I find time for me?”

Here's The Short Answer.

You will be able to do those things when you get back in touch with the passionate girl that lives inside of you; the one you have been dimming and muting for years so that you could make other people happy and take care of everyone else.


Everything is possible when you realign yourself to your purpose. When you know with confidence why you wake up each morning, you will be able to say Yes with Enthusiasm and No with Purpose and Conviction.


Because every time you say yes to something that does not align with your purpose and your mission, you are dimming your light and muting that passionate girl that is inside of you that wants to make her mark on life!

Having worked through all of this myself, I am at a point where I am in love with my life, living my soul purpose. I want to share this with you!


It Is My Mission to Help Women Servant Leaders, Stop People Pleasing and Instead, Take Space, Shine Bright and Live Their Most Authentic Life So That They Can Increase The Impact of Their Legacy On The World and Those They Love.

Make Your Choice For A Fulfilled Life Today.

I am excited to invite you to join me for a very intimate gathering of women, just like you, that want to re-ignite their passion, operate in confidence and live with purpose.

Foundations for Fulfillment: Lead With Your Why

An Intensive Workshop Retreat to Connect with Your Purpose

Tuesday June 14th – Thursday June 16th 2022

We will gather for a two night retreat in Los Angeles, in a beautiful, well appointed Mediterranean villa, where you will have your own private room. During this time, we will share community, compassion, support and dreams, allowing you to say Yes to the life you dream of and know that you deserve it!

In This Intensive Workshop You Will:

  • Discover Your Why; Your “Soul Purpose”
  • Create Your Mission Aligned to Your Purpose
  • Define Your Ideal Audience or Relationships
  • Gain Clarity On The Values That Drive You
  • Let Go of Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back



By The End Of This Retreat You Will Be Equipped To:

  • Walk confidently into any room with a deep sense of purpose, able to clearly articulate your Mission
  • Concisely and Confidently speak in all circles, knowing your purpose and that it aligns with your soul
  • Be Fearless in your business and life decisions, using your values, purpose and mission to drive your behavior
  • Attract The Relationships of Your Dreams and say no to the rest
  • Honor your time, space and boundaries, allowing for more guilt-free time to focus on what’s important to you

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