Doubt Kills Dreams

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ~ Suzy Kassem

Are your doubts keeping you from achieving your dreams? Are you killing your dreams before they even have a chance to form into a real thought or desire?

Our self-doubt and negative self-talk is so destructive and crippling. The worst part is, that most of the beliefs that create these debilitating thoughts are not even our own beliefs. They are things we have been conditioned or taught to believe.

Parents and other authority figures in our lives have told us at some point as kids: ‘Get your head of the clouds’, ‘Stop daydreaming; you need to get serious’, ‘That’s not realistic; you need to be sensible’ or maybe we’ve heard them talk about things they’ve wanted to do, just to dismiss them because “It will never work” and any other variation of this…I am sure the intention was not to teach us to limit our belief in ourselves and what is possible; unfortunately, that is the most common belief that comes from these types of statements and witnessing this behavior in others in our formative years…and now we limit ourselves based on beliefs that aren’t even ours…

How to overcome this:
Next time you start to dismiss an idea or dream because a voice in your head tells you that you can’t do it, or it’s a waste of time:

1) Ask yourself: According to who? Is that really your belief or are you hearing someone else not supporting you?

2) Ask yourself: Why can’t you? What is stopping you? Make a list. When you get that list, look at it and see if you can find examples of times you have succeeded in a similar situation. Or can you think of someone else that has? Give yourself evidence that it can be done.

3) Ask yourself: Why do you want it? What would this dream give you? Is it important? What could you lose if you don’t do it? If it is important, isn’t it worth taking the risk rather than quitting before you ever start?



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I work with high achieving leaders to stop sacrificing themselves, their happiness and their health in pursuit of success, instead I help them achieve self-mastery through authenticity, so they can amplify their human experience, and increase their impact on the world. Together we will normalize compassion, authenticity, and intentionality so that we can create world full of love, possibility and magic.

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