"Start Your Day With Good Intentions And Set Yourself Up For A Good Attitude. It is Not What Happens To You That Matters But How You Respond."

Ken Blanchard

Daily Intentions

When we start our day with good intentions and a positive mindset, we are helping ourselves become more resilient. We are telling your unconscious mind what we want to focus on. This helps us respond better to situations and be more intentional with our time and energy throughout the day.


Conversely, when we focus on what we are dreading and expecting things to be difficult, those are the instructions we are giving our unconscious mind, and that is exactly the results we will get.

Sometimes it’s difficult to ‘decide’ to have good intentions for the day when we aren’t feeling great about our day. I have found that when we take a moment to understand what we don’t feel good about and figure out how to change our perspective to find something positive about it, it allows us to shift our entire mindset.

Here Are Some Steps to Start Your Day With Positive Intentions:

1) Check-in with yourself to understand how good you feel about starting the day (1-10)

2) Ask yourself what you aren’t looking forward to and see if you can find the positive or greater good in you doing this today.

3) Ask yourself what you are looking forward to the most today.

4) Name 1-3 things you are grateful for. (get granular here)

5) List your top three priorities for the day.

6) Set your intention(s) for the day. You can base these on what resources you need in order to face your day and achieve the results you want.


When we vision the desired outcome, we can easily see what resources we need to achieve our goals. We use this as a roadmap to set our intention. If we do not set the goal, we will never know when we have reached it, therefore will not find fulfillment in our day.


I work with high achieving leaders to stop sacrificing themselves, their happiness and their health in pursuit of success, instead I help them achieve self-mastery through authenticity, so they can amplify their human experience, and increase their impact on the world. Together we will normalize compassion, authenticity, and intentionality so that we can create world full of love, possibility and magic.

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