Recognizing the impact that leadership has on the success of an organization and the intrinsic need of our teams to operate with excellence, at MarkahVida we are passionate about helping leaders define the Who, What, Why and How to achieve their goals; personally, professionally and organizationally.

Nearly 60% of leaders report feeling a lack of energy or burned-out at the end of the day. Employees that work for managers that they perceive are burned-out, feel that their team is also burned-out.

As we know, people are the critical component for success in our organizations. It is key to implement strategies to get the right people in the right seats to ensure that everyone, from the top down, is utilized to their strengths, leaving them energized and committed to the success of the team.

Our methods utilize multiple modalities to create a 360 methodology for success. Our appreciative approach to creating success is based on the fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With this foundation of modeling excellence, we will create custom success plans that fit your needs.

Values Alignment

Discover how you make decisions intuitively based on your personal value set. Define your overarching values and create a strategy to use these as guiding principles across all domains of your life to achieve balance and fulfilment.

Talent Strategies

Align your business strategy and optimize your team for success, giving you more freedom. Empowering you to achieve balance in all areas of your life. Learn More

Next Level Coaching

Providing tools for achieving success while increasing your awareness in areas of energy, clarity, purpose, communication and productivity, along with other tools for life mastery.

Letting Go…of Control

Providing clarity around what is truly within your control. Learn how to manage responses and behavior when facing those things that you have no control or influence over, allowing you to achieve successful outcomes quicker, with less energy.

Achieving Goals

Prioritize goals, ensuring they are in alignment with your values. Achieve your desired outcomes by creating new strategies and working through your limiting beliefs.

Breakthrough Sessions

When you know you don’t want to continue as you are, yet you don’t know what you want. We will help you determine what you want to move towards. Learn more…

  • Values Alignment

  • Talent & Strategy Alignment

  • Next Level Coaching

  • Locus of Control

  • Goal Coaching

  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions


Finding Your MarkahVida.

Learn why it is so important to design your success forward. Learn how values become your roadmap to personal fulfillment and allow you to align your business for optimal success, empowering you to live intentionally. It sounds so simple and yet, it's so easy to lose sight of this, or never take the time to give this the attention needed. At MarkahVida, we are passionate about helping leaders define, embrace and live their values, achieving extraordinary life results.

Reminder 💛 ...

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Emotions are always present. During times of pressure or stress, emotions may seem more intense and more draining. I invite you to remember that there is no such thing as a bad emotion, just depleting emotions. Emotions are labels that our unconscious mind gives to things. It is a communication method with the conscious mind. This is almost like an internal GPS system; it tells us to proceed, to go with caution, run towards, run away, and most importantly, they are there to protect us. Depleting emotions are how our unconscious mind has labeled things to tell us the situation may be uncomfortable or unsafe. This makes sense when recognize that a main function of the unconscious mind is to keep us alive, safe, preserving energy, while keeping us comfortable. This also explains how we can get very comfortable in our discomfort, which is a story for another day!

The point is that we need to address our emotions because they are really just signals to help us know what we want more or less of or if something is violating our values & beliefs. The emotions can also be related to the old or limiting or negative beliefs we have about ourselves. Our emotions can be good indicators of the changework we are craving at an unconscious level.

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When we give things meaning and we don’t like the way it feels, when we say that someone else “makes us” feel a certain way, we are giving our power away. We are giving away control of our emotions to the person or thing that “makes us” feel that way. ...

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Things only bother us when we give it meaning. When we stop and think about it, if we could detach ourselves from the meaning we are giving the behavior in our head, we would not connect to it emotionally. The thing to realize here is that no one can MAKE us feel anything. It is only the meaning that we give their behavior that we allow to ‘make’ us feel something. As we view our own behavior, it only ‘makes’ us feel bad when we give it meaning.

Imagine, one day you choose to take a day and rest, restore and re-energize yourself and on this day, you allow yourself to feel relaxed and content: the behavior of not taking care of things is not a problem. Then another day, you don’t feel well, and you need to stay in bed to take care of yourself…somehow in this second scenario most of us will feel anxious about what we aren’t getting done, we feel like we should be doing more, which leads to all sorts of other emotions.

My question is: what is the meaning you are giving “resting” or”slowing down” in this second scenario that makes you feel bad? What other meaning could you give it that will give you permission to let it go.

When we give things meaning and we don’t like the way it feels, when we say that someone else “makes us” feel a certain way, we are giving our power away. We are giving away control of our emotions to the person or thing that “makes us” feel that way.

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What is Grace?
Grace (noun): Disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency or a temporary exemption : REPRIEVE
Grace allows us to not take things personally or get caught up in the meaning or emotion of things that don’t go quite as planned, or don’t meet our expectations.

It seems hard sometimes, especially when we feel like we were wrong, or wronged, when we need to speak our truth about how something made us feel or be harsh with ourselves because we have higher expectations that aren’t being met.

So, how do we do this?
We let go of the meanings and stop giving our power away.

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No one is perfect. Giving yourself or others grace, is giving permission to forgive mistakes, poor judgment, things you regret…rather than regretting them and holding on, give grace; find the lesson, forgive and let it go.

Tip: When you are feeling bad about something that happened, ask yourself: what meaning am I giving this? Rewind the movie back to right before you started feeling bad, and ask yourself, what am I saying in my head about this situation? Can you change that narrative? What could you say that will allow you to move forward the way you want to?

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We teach people how to treat us. We do this in multiple ways:
1) How we treat ourselves sets an example for what we will allow.
2) What we tolerate tells people how much room they have in how they treat us.
3) How we treat others also shows people how to treat us from the standpoint of 'The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you'.
4) The lens that we view things: We project onto other people and their behavior, based on how we view ourselves, creating self-fulfilling prophecies. When we expect things to happen, not necessarily with volition, we will create circumstances to allow for our expectations to be met.
As you consider these ways we teach people to treat us, if you don't like the results you are getting, the first place to start is within.

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When we have unconditional love for ourselves, we teach people to treat us with love and the reflections and projections we see in others are with love.
I invite you to reflect on this and ask yourself if you are teaching people how to treat you from a place of love, or lack of love? What do you wish for yourself in relation to this?

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Tip: Prioritizing your energy and confidence are great ways to show yourself love while also giving you better resources to show up in the world and for others in an intentional and impactful way.

Exercise: Make a list of things that give you energy or confidence. Make another list of things that deplete your energy or confidence. Now, make a list of your normal day and see how many items replenish vs. deplete you. The key to managing stress and all the to do’s is to replenish more than deplete. See if you can find a way to remove one item that depletes your energy or confidence and add at least one more thing into your day that gives you energy or confidence.

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We need to reframe how we look at the word selfish. ‘ISH’ can either mean approximately, relating to, or having the characteristic of. In any case, adding ‘ish’ to self, is not negative in any way, until we give it meaning. It is the meaning we give it, as it relates to others that makes it negative.
I just want to say here, that taking care of ourselves is in no way negative. In fact, having and showing love for self is so important. If you have ever traveled on an airplane, you know that they tell you to secure your oxygen mask first before attempting to assist others. We can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves first.
This is true as it relates to taking care of ourselves. When we don’t take the time to rest, restore, and energize ourselves, we end up hitting exhaustion so much faster. Our fuse gets shorter and even though our intention in de-prioritizing ourselves is so that we can be there for other people, we end up showing up in a way that we aren’t always proud of. A lot of times, this ends up creating even more work emotionally, because communication in relationships will suffer when we are overwhelmed and exhausted.
What is your "go-to" method of showing self-love?

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Are you ready for more?
Have you been playing small? Afraid to move forward? Waiting until everything is just right? Or just waiting for the next "thing" to fall in place before you start living the life you crave?

The Hard Truth: The time will never be right, there will always be another "thing" and no-one is going to do it for you.

Stop putting you last...

If you are ready to move yourself and your dreams up on the priority list, DM me.

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Sit on this one for a few minutes - read this a few times, screenshot it, or save it for future reference. I invite you on a path to greater self-care, reflection, and intention with the MarkahVida app. In these ways, with repetition, you will create new neural connections and upgrade your operating system just by taking 5 minutes a day to utilize the MarkahVida app. Download via the link in bio. ...

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Can you imagine all the ways unconditional self-love can show up in your life?
If you are tired of working so hard, of never having enough, never feeling enough, and really want to create a life of abundance and fulfillment, start upgrading your operating system by downloading and using the app today.

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Our ability to love ourselves, or lack thereof, shows up in every aspect of our life. How we see ourselves determines how we see the world. This why the MarkahVida app focuses on self-care, reflection, and intention. In these ways, with repetition, you will create new neural connections and upgrade your operating system.
Start your journey to self-love with the app via the link in our bio.

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When we talk about being worthy, we may talk in the context of dreams, desires, abundance, money etc. but at the end of the day, all of these are tied to our belief of whether we are worthy of love. Think about it: when you love someone, you want them to have everything, you want to do things for them, for no reason…yet, we don’t allow ourselves to have wonderful nice things for no reason. In fact, we push ourselves to show the world how hard we worked to earn it. This stems from our lack of self-love and self-acceptance. When we feel unworthy, what we are really saying is that we don’t know how to love ourselves unconditionally. It is in our inability to love ourselves unconditionally that we put extreme pressure and high expectations on ourselves.

I talk to people all the time that say “My problem isn’t that I don’t think I’m worthy, it’s just that…” and then there is a slew of reasons they are not allowing themselves to have the life they want, or to even dream of a life they want. This is a delicate conversation and a real one we need to have with ourselves.

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Understanding How Self-Love Impacts Our Goals...

If we do not believe we are worthy of the reward we will get from achieving our goals, we will have a very difficult time making them a reality. In understanding that the unconscious mind is our “goal getter”, it really doesn’t matter what goal we set for ourself, if at a deep level, we are running a program or belief that says we are not worthy, the unconscious mind will not go get the goal. In fact, it will sabotage your efforts.

How do you begin tackling this old program? Take just 5 minutes each day to utilize the MarkahVida app where old programs of self-sabotage will be replaced with self-love, setting yourself free to achieve any goal or dream you desire. Download via link in bio.

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