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Breakthrough Coaching

The Break Through Session is ideal when you don’t know where to start. When you know you don’t want to continue as you are, yet you don’t know what you want to move towards. This program will help you determine what you are moving towards, rather than worrying about what you want to move away from.

We have developed a process to help you find your MarkahVida through a one-to-one coaching breakthrough program that is designed to achieve reMARKAHble results in a very short period of time. We start with an initial consult to understand where you are at in your life currently and what the presenting problem is. Once we have confirmed that you are committed to doing the work and owning the results in your life, we will schedule our first session. The process is an intensive 8-12 hours total, broken up into 3-4 sessions. By the end of our time together, through the utilization of science based techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, you will have clarity on what is important to you and the resources and skills needed to develop new strategies and behaviors to achieve your goals.


Own Your Actions

The process to achieve this is to first take ownership of our role in our own outcomes. Things in life do not happen to us, they happen for us. Everything we experience is an opportunity for us to learn and grow. It is to our highest benefit to find the lesson in each situation and own how we choose to respond,  or allow it to effect our behavior, therefor our outcomes.

Let’s Get Clear!

Once we have come to terms with being the author of our own story; the driver of our own bus; the one in control of our behavior; it is now time to get clear. We need to get clear on our values. What drives us? What is important to us? What are we passionate about? After we have clarity on our values, we need to try on what that looks like. What does it look like when our values are being met? In all areas of our lives? It is possible that we can have different values for different areas of our lives. The key is that the results of all of the areas in our life help support us in the highest values. We work on each area one at a time, to ensure congruency with who want to be.

Remove the Obstacles

This is the fun stuff. This is where the work gets done, with techniques and processes that will remove limitations we have been living with. Whether they are self created or learned from others, we can remove these unwanted beliefs and strategies, learning new behaviors that will get the results we want.

Know What You Want

Once we are clear on how we want to be; our MarkahVida, now we can work to define what we want in life. How do we approach our personal health, our work and our relationships to live harmoniously within our values? With these answers, we can set goals with achievable outcomes.

Living your MarkahVida

Now that we are empowered to own our results, we know what is important to us, how it looks and what goals we have set to achieve this in our lives, we have to do the work! Goals are not achieved without action. We provide an outline and some tools that you can use to hold yourself accountable.

Keeping the Momentum

We are also available for continued one-to-one coaching to keep you on track and support you as you are living your MarkahVida, to help you also learn to stay on track with flexibility and agility as our lives and situations are aver changing.


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