Allow Opportunities To Unfold

Have you ever had a plan and you knew if the plan moved forward with no hiccups that you would succeed? A few years ago, I had a plan on how I would launch my new business. I had it all figured out and as long as all went well, the networking would begin and the clients would start rolling in…The only problem was when I realized that the door I thought was being opened for me seemed to shut firmly in my face. I felt defeated. Everything I had counted on was no longer lining up!

I started to fall into old patterns, feeling let down and a victim…getting a little upset, if not angry. This DID NOT FEEL GOOD. I didn’t like how this feeling sat in my body. I decided in that moment of recognition, I could allow this feeling to take over, or I could choose to look at the situation differently.

I chose to change my perspective. I decided that I attract what is meant for me and if this ‘plan’ wasn’t working out it was because it wasn’t supposed to, at least not at that time.

Fast forward to later that same day, I get an email with an opportunity that was much larger than my original plan!

In that moment, I felt like I was in a cartoon, trying my hardest to open a tiny door, banging on it, feeling defeated when the door didn’t open. As I decided to let go of the dream of going through that tiny door, I turned around and realized there was a huge bay door open to another world that was full of light and magic that I had never even noticed because I was too busy trying to open the tiny little door.

When we map out every detail of a plan, it will either: not go as planned, turning our goals on end, or even when going by the plan, other elements outside of our control jump in and get in the way. This happens when we are focused on the plan rather than the result. When we ‘know’ what needs to be done to achieve our goals, we end up losing sight of the goal because we are too focused on the tasks. We miss opportunities because it wasn’t in the plan.

Todays Tip:

  • Form your goal as a SMART Goal
  • Focus on the goal and how it will feel when you achieve it
  • Be flexible and open to all opportunities

When we focus our energy on the goal and having gratitude for what is already working, opportunities arise in ways we could never imagine, let alone ‘plan’ for.


I'm committed to educating and inspiring others to be the light in the world they want to see. Together we will normalize compassion and authenticity, living fulfilling lives.

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